We will be closed from the 17th of July until August 1st. What should you do in the case of an emergency?

Posted on 9 July 2021

HG Foundation Repair is taking a well-deserved break. Unfortunately, problematic situations don’t take vacations. If an emergency arises, here’s what to do:


you have water infiltration, if your sump overflows, if the structure of your house cracks, if the doors and windows don’t close anymore, if the exterior brick has deteriorated and threatens to fall, if the foundation of the concrete crumbles and a large piece falls, if the brick is cracked, if the floor suddenly bends and you suspect a structural problem…

You should…

call a plumber if you suspect the leak is from plumbing, call the city if you think the problem is with the city, call the fire department or dial 911 if you feel your safety is at risk (it’s their responsibility to secure the premises), call your home insurer to find out what is covered or not, follow your insurer’s recommendations to the letter, the latter should provide you with an assessor as a first step, and an expert as a second step.

After this, our team can intervene.

To request an inspection or a diagnosis, to get a quote or to simply find more information, call 1 800 363-1510 after our return from vacation on August 2nd or visit our web site. There you will find all of the information on our services, our way of doing things, and our guarantee.

Have a great holiday!

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