To be or not to be there, that is the question!

Posted on 30 April 2021

Many home owners wanting to go ahead with foundation work ask themselves the famous question: do I need to leave my house while the work is in progress?

The answer is yes and no. For stabilization and straightening work with piles, drainage and waterproofing of the foundation and for the refurbishment of the foundation, you and your family can stay on your property during the work but obviously, and ideally, you need to stay on the upper levels. This type of work is done 100% in the basement or outside your home and some access to your basement may be limited for a short period of time during the work, as a matter of safety and efficiency.

When lifting a structure, we do not recommend that our clients stay in the house, but many do. It is important to know that secondary doors will be barricaded in order to prevent accidents. Remember, your house might be lifted up to ten feet in the air, that’s a long drop from the back door! We encourage you to contact your insurance company for more information should you decide to stay on the premises during the work. We are responsible for protecting the building while our equipment is on your property, but we cannot be held responsible for accidents that cause injury to the occupants of the house during the work. Please also note that you are responsible for the temporary connection of electricity and sewers as well as the installation of safe access ramps.

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