Frost and thaw, avoid cold sweats.

Posted on 2 December 2021

We live in a country with a capricious climate. Sometimes temperate, sometimes hot and humid and sometimes freezing. These temperature changes can affect the ground and consequently the foundation of your home.

It’s already December and the cold is slowly starting to set in with the more biting cold of January and February upon us. And yet, even during these frigid winter months, we’re sometimes surprised with warm periods, even rain. This situation can have serious repercussions for your home. That’s because when it rains in the cold season and the ground is frozen, the ground doesn’t absorb the water. In fact, rainwater will slide towards the windows or the foundation which will unfortunately lead to water infiltration.

Also, accumulations of water that form around your foundation during a warm period, freeze immediately during frost. The ice thus becomes bigger and forcefully pushes the foundation which then leads to cracks. Sometimes this is caused by poor quality drainage fill material that keeps water, and therefore ice, near your foundation.

If this is the case with your property, the experts at HG Foundation Repair can help you restore the full value to your property. To do this, we use high quality drainage material and waterproof membranes to prevent flare-ups on the foundation walls.

A few tips before concluding. During warm weather, be careful if you have window wells around your basement windows. Clean them to avoid the accumulation of dead leaves and therefore preventing water accumulation during heavy rain. Also, make sure your basement windows are six to eight inches above the ground.

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