Foundation Shoring

Are your foundations crumbling? Our experts will install props to support your property and prevent a collapse.

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Symptoms & causes

  • Weak or crumbling concrete that needs to be replaced
  • Poor rubble or stone foundations
  • Foundations built from defective material or improper construction
  • Bulging, broken or disintegrating cinder blocks
  • Foundations built from concrete blocks (often too fragile to repair)
  • High humidity in the basement
  • Roots growing through the foundations

Why do the work?

  • Improve the safety of your home
  • Solidify the foundation
  • Rebuild a defective foundation
  • Restore the rightful value of your property
  • Secure your investment


  • We take care of the site plans with our team of engineers
  • Our team supports the brickwork before dismantling the foundations
  • We use our tested and safe shoring method before and during foundation replacement
  • We will carry out all repairs, and guarantee no structural damage to your home
  • Our specialized team performs all of the foundation work, from demolition to reconstruction and final backfilling

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Our work

Take a look at our seasoned professionals working to stabilize and solidify properties.

A worker reinforcing the structure
A column temporarily supporting bricks on a house
A worker welding the steel coloumns to steel plates to shore the foundation
A column to support the structure of a building
A house being shored by steel columns

Restore the rightful value of your property!