After the work. Here are some great tips for your beloved home. Part 1

Posted on 4 August 2021

After our team of experts have repaired and restored your home to its full value, there are a few things that you need to watch for in order to maximize the reliability of the work.

Here are a few tips:

1. Shrinkage cracks in slabs and foundation walls

If you notice shrinkage cracks in the foundation slabs and walls, rest assured that this is normal during the drying period.

: It is recommended that the concrete be kept wet for a minimum of seven days after the work has been completed. We recommend placing a cloth, such as geotextile or jute, over the entire surface and to water it continuously to ensure that it stays wet.

2. Compaction of the backfill after our work

If you notice subsidence of the ground around the work areas, this is normal. Be aware that our work often involves the placement of various materials on the foundation. It is difficult or often impossible for our teams to mechanically compact the new backfill soil around the foundation.

We recommend waiting one year before redoing the landscaping (planting, asphalt, paving stones, etc.) in order to allow the soil to compact naturally.

3. Cracks in the interior and exterior finishes after our work

Some foundation work will affect the structure of your property. It is quite normal for it to take up to one year for the structure to return to its place. (This is because of the dissipation of stress caused by the structure.)

Wait one year before completing any plastering, painting, ceramics, repairing exterior cracks, or any other finishing work. Repairs should always be carried out by recognized professionals.

4. Water drainage

During work involving the installation of a French drain connected to a catchment basin, your plumber will install a water drainage system.

: You must periodically ensure that the system in place is still functioning properly, otherwise the catchment basin may overflow and cause flooding.

5. Plumbing in General

Following stabilization work and/or straightening work on underpinning piles, the plumbing network under the existing concrete slab may be affected by previous subsidence and/or by straightening.

Avoid unpleasant surprises and have all of your plumbing inspected by a professional plumber following any foundation work.

Watch for our next article where we will share part 2 of our series on post-construction advice.

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